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We Deals in Basic Dyes, Pearl Pigment, Liquid Dyes & Metal Paste, Acrylic Dyes, Acid Dyes, Oil Dyes, Direct Dyes.

Basic Dyes

Basic dyes are not used on cotton as the structures are neither planar nor large enough for sufficient substantivity or affinity in which the dyestuff is the basic...

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Liquid Dyes

Liquid dyes are expedient forms for delivery of color into your application. This eliminates dye dusting or clouding while processing of your products...

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Acrylic Dyes

Acrylic dyes, these dyes are also known as cationic dyes. This a class of synthetic dyes , that act as bases and when made soluble in water...

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Welcome to the cheap colours

Established in year 1984 in delhi under the leadership of late Shri. Naresh Goel. we have progressed in leaps & bounds through a combination of trends & technology.Today,cheap colours is working in responsible hands of Mr. Manoj Goel having in depth understanding & extensive experience in formulation of hi-tech chemicals & dyes.

Our dyes & colours bring brightness & colour to your products ranging from clothes to paper.we have a wide range in dyes and chemicals are well known for their unbeatable quality & availability at competitive price.

We have a fully equipped R&D department. We possess a full bleached testing laboratory, Well equipped all the testing equipment & color matching system. Ensure that the heighest quality standerds are maintained at all levels of organization.we keep a strict watch on the process control as well as testing of products that are ready for dispatch.

Our commitment to prompt delivery schedules & customer satisfaction has assisted us in catering to bulk market demands.

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